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Electrical condition reports for landlords and homeowners

Landlords have a legal obligation to provide a safe property for its tenants, part of this is to ensure the electrical installation is safe. A full inspection of a property's electrical installation and test is called a electrical installation condition report, (formally a periodic inspection report).

This report will highlight any faults or unsafe parts of the installation and check that it meets the current electrical legislation and is also suitable for homeowners or for verifying a installation before a purchase.

At Bear electric we work for many different letting agencies and private landlords, providing a complete solution for all their electrical requirements.

Procedure– Electrical Installation Condition report

First a visual inspection is done on the installation for damage, correct wiring, deterioration and other factors to comply with current wiring regulations.

Then testing can be done on each circuit, including -

Continuity,bonding conductor continuity, ring circuit continuity, insulation resistance, polarity.

Earth fault loop impedance, RCD testing and functional testing.

A detailed report in plain English is then provided in paper and electronic PDF highlighting any problems that will need addressing.

Our engineer will be happy to discuss and help in any way to redeem these issues.

For the cost of an inspection just give us a call I,m sure we can help and we also do PAT testing if required.